• To Skin or Not To Skin…

    To Skin or Not To Skin…

    In the recent months I have had many small businesses inquire about the new concept of “skinning”. What does it mean? How does it work? Should I use it in my business. Let’s first discover the nuances to skinning… Skinning is the process of overlaying a branded image, logo or advertisement over a social sphere [...]



1 Life Fully Lived With James Nellis

Join professional teacher & speaker James Nellis as he speaks at the first ever 1 Life Fully Lived conference. The conference will feature some of the top speakers in the country as they give you the tips and motivation you need to truly take control of your life. The conference will take place in Philadelphia [...]

Long Island Board of Realtors brings James Nellis to New York for CRS 206

On April 29th, 30th.. later this month James Nellis will be sharing the tools and resources that have been instrumental in the success of The Nellis Group. CRS 206 is a powerful instructional course built for the tech-savvy Realtor. It enables the Realtor to provide better service and engagement with today’s Real Estate Consumer. The comprehensive course covers everything from mobile [...]

CRS 200 In Cincinnati Ohio (Introduction Webinar)

CRS 200 In Cincinnati Ohio (Introduction Webinar)

This December, James Nellis will be teaching his signature CRS 200: Business Planning & Marketing For The Residential Specialist in Cincinnati, Ohio.  James hosted a preview Webinar on Thursday, November 21st at 1pm where you can learn more information about this great educational opportunity.     Register Today!    Class Details: Date: Thursday, December 5th [...]


Going Mobile for CRS 206 in Iowa

The Iowa Association of Realtors will be bringing James Nellis to Iowa on June 5th and 6th to present the Certified Residential Specialists course on Technology: CRS 206. Here is a sneak peak at some of the insight and tools that will be shared over those 2 days. Technology advances can truly enhance your benefit [...]

Blind Today

Blind Today

What would it be like to wake up and be blind… All of your senses remain but you can no longer see. Your vision for what you remembered as life is frozen with never another view to behold. How would your life change? Would you be able to still perform your current job? Would others [...]